About Jeff | Jeff Hirsh

My real estate career began in 1984 as an apprentice in homebuilding  for my father. After ten years, I earned my Tennessee Contractors license in 1994 and became solely responsible for all construction operations. 


Simultaneously, I began selling the homes we built and earned my Tennessee Real Estate license three years later in 1997. I earned both my Mississippi Real Estate license and Mississippi Contractors license in 1998, beginning construction operations there. I continued to build and sell homes until moving to Birmingham in 2010.


After moving to Birmingham I focused on buying and renovating foreclosures. I sold some of the homes after renovating, and some of the properties I still own today. I continued dealing with foreclosures until partnering with RealtySouth.


Jeff Hirsh's family 

In August 2018, I joined RealtySouth here in Birmingham, and having two beautiful children I understand what home ownership means to a family. This combination of construction and sales experience taught me signs and patterns of homebuyer behavior. I am able to detect reasons why homes have or have not produced offers or sales. This is vital information for both buyers and sellers, and I will continue my career in real estate.


Jeff Hirsh's family


Additionally, holding both Real Estate and Contractors licenses in both Tennessee and Mississippi exposed me to different markets with separate trends and individualized needs. I have sold over 400 homes, and my skill of painting a mental picture for my clients in both existing and homes under construction allows them to see the renovation and finish possibilities.


Let’s begin your real estate adventure together!